Brave New Politics

Thank you for your interest in the Brave New Politics Symposium and the presentation of the honorary doctorate to Anne-Marie Slaughter.

From 12 March new measures apply by the Government of the Netherlands to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has taken additional measures accordingly. Consequently we have decided to postpone the symposium and the presentation of the honorary doctorate.

As soon as a new date has been set, we will publicize it again.

World in stereo

Social networks have a greater influence on political renewal than the leaders of governments and political parties, honorary doctor Anne-Marie Slaughter argues. Based on her research, she recommends looking at politics in stereo. Social changes appear to be the result of decisions made by political leaders, but that is only half the story. A significant part of political renewal takes place in the official and informal networks of citizens and organizations. In a resilient democracy, there tends to be a symbiotic relationship between these networks and political leaders.

Anne-Marie Slaughter was the first female director of the internal think tank of the US State Department under Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. This enabled her to integrate her academic insights about political networks with American foreign policy.

Anne-Marie Slaughter will receive an honorary doctorate for her pioneering research into the network-based nature of the international order and transatlantic relations, and for the way in which she establishes links between the university and political practice, between the Social Sciences and Law, and between an academic career and female emancipation.

Dr Slaughter will discuss the theory and practice of foreign politics with Sigrid Kaag, the Netherlands’ Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. Adil Izemrane, initiator of the relief organization Movement on the Ground, will share his experiences of the power of different types of networks. Twan Huys, former presenter of television talk show College Tour, will act as moderator as students and academic staff from VU Amsterdam put their questions to the guests.

The event will culminate in the official conferral of the honorary doctorate, with honorary supervisor Ben Crum and Dean Karen van Oudenhoven.

13.30Opening speech by Rector Magnificus Vinod Subramaniam
13.40Moderator Twan Huys holds an introductory interview with the honorary doctor
13.45Four propositions and discussions  

  • Dr Naná de Graaff, political science and international relations
  • Prof. Tanja Aalberts, public international law
  • Sigrid Kaag, the Netherlands' Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation
  • Adil Izemrane, Movement on the Ground 
14.30Dr Slaughter, Ms Kaag and Mr Izemrane answer questions from VU students
14.55Presentation of honorary doctorate
Honorary supervisor Ben Crum makes a speech to mark the occasion and presents the honorary doctorate to Anne-Marie Slaughter 

slaughter_Anne-Marie Slaughter 
Anne-Marie Slaughter has lectured in political science and international law at Princeton, Chicago and Harvard. She was the first female director of the internal think tank of the US State Department under Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. This enabled her to integrate her academic insights about political networks with American foreign policy. Watch the video in which she explains what kind of networks are valuable >
kaag_Sigrid Kaag 
Sigrid Kaag began her career at Shell in London, before joining the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1994, she began working for the United Nations. From October 2013 to September 2014, she headed the disarmament mission that led to the destruction of chemical weapons in Syria. From December 2014 until taking up her current ministerial post, Ms Kaag was Special Coordinator of the United Nations for Lebanon (UNSCOL). 
nana-de-graaffNaná de Graaff 
Dr Naná de Graaff is Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the VU Amsterdam. Her main areas of research are international relations, international political economics and elite studies (political sociology). 
tanja-aalberts_Tanja Aalberts 
Tanja Aalberts is Professor of Public International Law at the Faculty of Law of VU Amsterdam. She has a PhD in political science. Her research deals with the interplay between politics and law within global governance, with a special focus on security issues.
Adil-Izemrane_Adil Izemrane 
Adil Izemrane is a property developer and founder of several companies. The common theme throughout his work has been a strong belief in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. After visiting Lesbos in the summer of 2015, he felt compelled to take action and, together with Johnny de Mol and three others, founded Movement on the Ground to offer systematic support to refugees. 
twan-huys_Twan Huys 
Twan Huys is a television journalist, presenter, producer and author. From 3 September 2018 to 4 March 2019 he hosted the television talk show RTL Late Night. In the preceding years, he was the long-standing presenter of current affairs programme Nieuwsuur and student Q&A show College Tour. He previously worked as foreign correspondent and presenter for the current affairs programme NOVA.
crumBen Crum 
Ben Crum will fulfil the role of honorary supervisor to Anne-Marie Slaughter and will make a speech to mark the occasion. Ben Crum is Professor of Social Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences of VU Amsterdam. 
Subramaniam_Vinod Subramaniam 
Vinod Subramaniam is Rector Magnificus and member of the Executive Board of VU Amsterdam.

2 April 2020


Aula | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam | De Boelelaan 1105 Amsterdam | Route

The programme will be in English.

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