Dies Natalis 2016

The celebration of VU Amsterdam’s 136th Dies Natalis will revolve around the university’s profile theme Human Health and Life Sciences. By educating students and carrying out research around this theme, the university aspires to make a significant contribution towards improving global health.

The theme of this Dies Natalis will be A long and healthy life. Improving and maintaining global health calls for a broad approach. We often only take action when a patient has already been taken ill, but prevention is becoming increasingly important for a long and healthy life. Science and technology can help people to improve their health and quality of life. If everyone is to be able to benefit from this, attention must be paid to the needs and desires of the wider world from the moment research and innovation commence.


2.15 p.m. Reception in the Foyer
3.00 p.m. Start of the academic session

Opening speech by Vinod Subramaniam, Rector Magnificus
Dies Natalis lecture by Jacqueline Broerse, Professor of Innovation and Communication in Health and Life Sciences
Presentation of the Van der Duijn Schouten Teaching Award followed by a short lecture by the winner
Intermezzo by Isaac Bullock, singer and student at VU Amsterdam
Inspirational lecture by Erik Scherder, Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology and Human Movement Sciences
Closing words from Vinod Subramaniam

4.30 p.m. Reception in the Foyer

The programme will take place in the Aula of the Main Building, VU Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105, Amsterdam.

Professors are invited to take part in the procession. To this end, they should be in the Foyer no later than 15 minutes before the start of the session. It would be greatly appreciated if the professors were to wear their university gowns.

Do you have any questions? Sen an email to dies@vu.nl or call 020 59 86454. At this webpage, the session can also be followed live on Thursday 20 October.

The programme is in Dutch. To accommodate international guests, an English-speaking interpreter is present. Headsets are available at the entrance to the Aula.