Keynote speaker: Neil Morris

AFB Neil MorrisNeil Morris is Interim Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Digital Transformation at the University of Leeds in the UK. He also holds a Chair of Educational Technology, Innovation and Change. He has a leading role on three aspects of digital transformation at Leeds: the strategy, the student experience, and research and innovation.

Neil is a National Teaching Fellow, and has won a number of national awards for teaching excellence. He has a research background in neuroscience and has active research in educational technology, online learning and blended learning. He is the Director of the University of Leeds Centre for Research in Digital Education and has published widely on the impact of blended learning, online learning and mobile technologies on student learning and engagement, and on the changing nature of university education through digital transformation.

During his keynote speech Neil will discuss the world of blended learning using research and case studies. He will show us how blended learning will sometimes work better than other ways of teaching, and what blended learning actually means for students and staff. Student’s access to devices has changed everything, and through Covid the distance between staff and students has been removed.

What will happen in September 2021, should we go back to normal teaching as before? Our campus is a valuable asset. Students will want to come to campus to study and meet fellow students. However, they also value the great flexibility that the Covid-period has given them. Students will expect the best of both worlds, maximum flexibility and study activities on campus. Teaching staff will need to ask themselves, why do we do lectures? Perhaps we need higher value activity such as problem solving, interaction, discussion etc. Curriculum and assessment design will be our key focus: what are the learning outcomes? What do want our students to do and learn? What tools would we use? 

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