On the Roof Film Festival 2016

Fancy viewing the latest world cinema movies? Interested in special interviews with scientists and guest speakers at a unique location? Then you certainly want to be at the On The Roof Film Festival from Tuesday, September 6th through Friday, September 9th on the roof of the VU University Amsterdam. With spectacular views over the city.

General program
17.00                Roof open: drinks and food
17.30                Dinner by Il Caffè
20.15                Minchenu Maduro interviews the guest of the evening
21.00                Film
22.30                End

Location: Vrije Universiteit, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV AMSTERDAM, Main building, 16th floor.

Minchenu Maduro
Minchenu Maduro
Minchenu Maduro is the presenter and every evening she interviews a special guest on the film’s subject. How do you motivate people to learn? This question is the theme that runs throughout Minchenu Maduro’s career as a trainer and source of inspiration. Thanks to her disarming and energetic approach, she has successfully motivated the most reluctant or critical of groups, ranging from rebellious youngsters to dyed-in the-wool professionals. When people dig their heels in, Minchenu successfully disarms and creates a stir where inactivity prevails.

Ticket prices:

FILM AND FOOD: 19.50 euro.
FILM: 12 euro.
Reduced fare for VU-students and members VUvereniging:
FILM AND FOOD: 18 euro.
FILM: 10.50 euro.  

Reduced fare for VU-employees (max. 2 tickets pp):
only available untill the day prior to the filmscreening)
FILM AND FOOD: 7.50 euro.
FILM: 3.00 euro.

Cineville-members discount (no presale):
FILM: 4.00 euro.

If you have an allergy to any type of food, please contact us one day in advance: mail@il-caffe.nl
Tickets on the day of the screening only available at the festival location.

Everyone strives to lead a valuable life, whatever physical, emotional and social challenges we face. However, sometimes you need to change your lifestyle to achieve it. You can see and hear some inspirational examples in the films and interviews featured in the fifth edition of On the Roof.

Tuesday - September 6         

(Anna Muylaert, Brazil)

17-year-old Pierre is gradually discovering who he is. He plays in a band and, thanks to his androgynous appearance, he is popular with the girls as well as the guys. Pierre likes to try on makeup and women’s clothing. Prior to the film’s screening there will be an interview with Annelijn Wensing-Kruger, medical psychologist at VU Medical Centre. What does it mean when your gender identity is beset by questions?

Wednesday - September 7 

(Francisco Farone, Argentina)

35-year-old unemployed Sebastian loves his old Peugeot 505. When Jalil, an elderly Muslim man, asks him to drive him to La Paz, he gladly accepts. During the trip they find themselves in the middle of a cultural confrontation. Before the screening we will hear from Sinan Çankaya, lecturer and researcher at the VU faculty of Social Sciences, who argues against prejudice, racism and discrimination.

Thursday - September 8

(E J-Yong, South Korea)
Although South Korea is a very wealthy country and Confucianism prescribes that children care for their parents, many elderly face poverty. The 65-year-old Youn So-young offers sexual services in order to pay for her son’s education. A harsh film, yet warm and filled with humour. The pre-screening interview will be held with Jenny Gierveld, Emeritus VU Professor of Sociology. Changes in society are placing ever greater demands on the ability of the elderly to adapt.


Friday - September 9

(Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, India)

Chanda struggles to make a living as a housekeeper. She wants a better life for her daughter Appu and invests everything she can in her education. But Appu has other ideas and starts to slack in her studies. Prior to the screening there will be a discussion with Meindert Flikkema, Associate VU Professor Management and Organisation, about the importance of lifelong learning.




On The Roof Film Festival is organized by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, De Griffioen theatre and Rialto movie theatre.

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Barring changes. In case of bad weather films are shown inside (16th floor) and check our Facebook page for the latest updates.