Programme 6 September 2019

Film Re Loca (trailer)
Martino Zaidelis, Argentina 2018

In this well-observed and hilarious comedy, 40-year-old Pilar is in a rut. Her son is missing school, there are problems at work and she has issues with her sister and friends. One day, she has a panic attack. The time has come for a change. A healer teaches her a ritual to enable her to fully vent her pent-up emotions – and how! This raises the question: is the cure worse than the disease?

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  • Standard tickets €13 | €20 withe meal included
  • Tickets for students and VU Association members €7.50 |€13 with meal included
  • Special promotion for VU staff €11, meal always included
Tickets are for sale from August 1st.
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