Programme 3 September 2019

Film  Divino Amor
Gabriel Mascaro, Brasil 2019

What will the world be like in eight years’ time? This is the central question in Divino Amor, the intriguing new film by Brazilian director Gabriel Mascaro. Mascaro describes a world in which the state has become increasingly powerful. Every building has a detector gate that can immediately identify every citizen and also tell whether or not a woman is pregnant. It is a blend of science fiction and sensual relationship drama. Government official Joana is responsible for dealing with divorce cases. Her religious faith prompts her to suggest that couples in difficulty take part in the Heavenly Love therapy group to enable them to ‘rediscover’ each other physically.

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  • Standard tickets €13 | €20 with meal included
  • Tickets for students and VU Association members €7.50 |€13 with meal included
  • Special promotion for VU staff €11, meal always included
Tickets are for sale from August 1st.
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