Programme 4 September 2019

The Choice of Arnon Grunberg

Film  The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (trailer) (subject to change)

Peter Greenaway, United Kingdom/The Netherlands/France, 1989, English

The wife of Mafia boss Albert Spica has a relationship with a bookseller, who is completely different from Spica. Every evening, his wife meets her lover right under Spica's nose at Le Hollandais, the restaurant that Spica and his wife love to visit. The chef makes sure they are not caught. But, eventually Spica finds out. Then it’s time for revenge.

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  • Standard tickets €13 | €20 with meal included
  • Tickets for students and VU Association members €7.50 | €13 with food included
  • Special promotion for VU staff €11, food always included
Tickets are for sale August 1st.

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