The world in Short

Sit back, close your eyes and listen to the world as told in short stories

Language lovers of the world, unite! Our bookcases are slowly but surely being drained of variety. In our globalized world, English has entrenched itself in a position of dominance, pushing other languages off the shelf.
University Writer in Residence, Annelies Verbeke, has brought together her love of the short story with her goal of ensuring greater diversity in our international book section in a new project: 'The World in Short'.

Annelies Verbeke asked students and employees at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam to submit their favourite short story in a language other than English (original language of publication). From 7 May you could listen to the podcast version of some of these stories, translated into Dutch and English, using six podcast chairs located around the VU Campus. The podcast chairs are no longer available on the VU campus, but you can still listen to the podcasts below!

The podcast will include some information about the person who submitted the story, the translator and the story itself. All the entries will also be brought together in a unique anthology, to be printed in a special edition of the student literary magazine 'Expanded Field'. So sit back, close your eyes, and listen.