Renovation of outdoor area at Uilenstede officially underway

On Thursday 19 September 2013, the renovation of the outdoor space at the Uilenstede Campus in Amstelveen was officially started.

09/19/2013 | 11:21 AM

Bernadette Langius, member of the University’s Executive Board, set the ball rolling by inserting the first shovel into the ground together with representatives of student accommodation organization DUWO, the Foundation for Residents of the Schiphol Area and the municipality of Amstelveen.

Last year, the Foundation for Residents of the Schiphol Area awarded a €5-million grant to the Uilenstede Campus to improve the quality of its public spaces and quality of life in the district. The grant for the Uilenstede campus will be spent on elements of the project that visibly improve the living environment and satisfy the wishes of the residents. Thanks to this financial contribution, the municipality of Amstelveen together with residents, the student accommodation organization DUWO and VU University Amsterdam have been able to commission plans by Buro Lodewijk Baljon Landscape Architects for a unique outdoor space. This plan will be implemented by the contractor Compeer over the next six months.

There will be three beautiful entrance plazas and special ‘Uilenstede Furniture’, which will give the area a unique look. The design of the entrance squares is based on an original idea by ​​VU student Sera Schutijser, resident of Uilenstede, and winner of the competition to design the new squares. Her idea is based on the Dutch tradition of ceramic tiles decorated with folk epithets and creates connections between the campus and the students who live there. Uilenstede will also be given a future-proof parking facility for bicycles, cars and the emergency services, water features will be installed and the green areas will be given a facelift. As part of the redesign of the outdoor area, special priority is being given to safe and simple routing. This will be achieved in part through new signposts for the whole Uilenstede Campus, which have been designed by Buro Van Baar. Good signposting will make it easier to find buildings and facilities on the Uilenstede campus.