VU Amsterdam training on Blended Learning and Online Collaborative Research

The Centre for International Cooperation of VU-Amsterdam (CIS-VU) has been awarded, for the third time, a grant to implement a tailor-made training programme on introducing Blended Learning and Online Collaborative Research to innovate education and research on gender-based food security entrepreneurship.

05/30/2017 | 4:09 PM

The training has been developed by Drs. Wim van Dongen (CIS-VU) and Dr. Eric Kluijfhout (Competence Solutions), in cooperation with Prof. Enno Masurel from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and Dr. Emiel Eijdenberg from University Hohenheim, Stuttgart.

This 3rd training will be given to a group of selected lecturers from Copperbelt University in Kitwe (Zambia). Their colleagues of University of Iringa in Iringa (Tanzania) and Mzumbe University in Morogoro (Tanzania) are already participating in this program. 

The first objective of this training is to familiarize selected staff of Copperbelt University (including 2 Zambian PhD candidates of VU) with the principles of ‘flipping the classroom’ and the subsequently changing role of university educators from authoritative lecturers to education facilitators. The second objective of the training is on improving the use of online and digital resources and online collaboration for education and research. The chosen theme of (sustainable) food security and entrepreneurship is at the heart of climate change policies all over the world.

With the third institition now joining in, the creation of our intended Academic Network on Food security and Entrepreneurship is becoming reality. This network will enable lecturers and researchers of all three institutions to collaborate online on this topic and share results and materials for research and education.

Contact person: Wim van Dongen (