Start Master 'ICT for Development in the Field'

Since 2010 VU is running a a research program which is coupled with a master's course: "ICT for Development” In this context, as part of the profiling theme" Connected World ", a collaboration between VU and UNIMAS, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak was initiated in 2017, and consolidated in June 2018.

06/11/2018 | 8:44 AM

During the ACM Turing Lecture, last week at the VU, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, expressed his concern about the fact that still half of the world's population is unconnected to the global knowledge society. We call this problem the "Digital Divide". An important question is: how to bridge this digital gap. This is especially challenging when we think of areas with poor infrastructure, where many people are illiterate, where internet connectivity is absent or financially unaffordable, as in large areas of Africa and Asia.

Eleven VU master students and VU teachers (Hans Akkermans, Jaap Gordijn and others) from the VU Computer Science Department traveled to Sarawak this week for the course "ICT4D in the Field". Lecturers and students from UNIMAS 'Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology will also be involved in this course. Students from VU and UNIMAS students will jointly do fieldwork in rural and suburban communities in Sarawak: so-called "Kampungs". They will learn how to develop sustainable software in a complex context, where ICT is not self-evident. They will learn what it entails to do user-centered ICT4D in a low-resource, low-tech environment.

This collaboration between VU and UNIMAS is not just about internationalization, staff mobility and students, it is a new academic partnership in the area of ​​research, education with a strong social engagement. To consolidate this collaboration, an MoU has been signed today on 8 June. UNIMAS has shared a report of this official event on all social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). On behalf of our rector Prof. Vinod Subramaniam, the MoU document has been signed, at the UNIMAS campus, by Hans Akkermans. 

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