Students give VU Amsterdam high score for educational quality

The final results of this year’s National Student Survey indicate that students are satisfied with the quality of the education they receive at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. They gave the education of the university an average score of 4.05 (out of 5). Students are especially satisfied with group size, internship experience, curriculum content and general skills. The biggest improvements compared to last year are in the areas of internationalization, quality assurance and challenging education.

06/28/2018 | 9:39 AM

VU Amsterdam rises to third place
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is the only general university to see an across-the-board rise in survey scores, bringing the institution to third place in this group. It should be noted that the differences between the institutions are small. One quarter of students at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam took the time to share their opinion on the quality of education at our university. See Studiekeuze123 for VU-specific survey results.

Students thanked
University Rector Vinod Subramaniam expressed his thanks to the students for completing the survey: “We use the results of this important annual survey to improve the quality of the education we provide on an ongoing basis. The high score shows that our students appreciate our efforts. We cannot rest on our laurels, however. We will continue to listen to our students and work on improving the points that are important to them.”

The University Student Council (USR) responds: “On an overall level, all themes show higher scores than last year. As students council we are pleased with these results. Nevertheless, we will continue to work on improving our university. The NSE, with its broad setup, is an important tool for determining our direction.”