A look back on the opening of the 2018 academic year

During the well-attended opening of the academic year (OAY) held at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on 3 September, we discussed how we could create ‘Bright Communities’.

09/04/2018 | 9:06 AM

This should not be that difficult in today’s Connected World, in which worldwide networks increasingly determine our economy, our culture, our relationships and our immediate surroundings. But we also have to ask ourselves how loneliness and fake news have become such major topics, despite this increased connectivity.

Mirjam van Praag, the President of the Executive Board, used her inaugural opening address to explain how Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam plans to position itself in this newly ‘Connected World’. She provided an impression of what our university would look like in the future and announced the launch of a number of interconnected programmes aimed at reaching our goals. 

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