VU Amsterdam is one of the top ‘Broad-based General Universities 2019’

The 2019 Keuzegids Universiteiten has awarded the distinction of top programme to seven VU Bachelor’s programmes, allowing the university to climb to third place in the ranking of the six ‘Broad-based General Universities’ in the country.

11/19/2018 | 10:14 AM

Biology, Earth Sciences, Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE), Econometrics and Operational Research, Greek and Latin Language and Culture are already part of the top programmes in the country, and this year Medicine and Philosophy were added to the list. 

Bachelor's programmes with this quality mark belong to the top programmes in the Netherlands. Rector Magnificus Vinod Subramaniam: “I’m proud of all of VU Amsterdam’s programmes, but of these top-level programmes in particular. Thanks to these programmes, VU Amsterdam is now one of the top ‘Broad-based General Universities’ in the country.”

VU Amsterdam climbed the ranking of the ‘Broad-based General Universities’ in the country to third place this year, after the university of Groningen but ahead of Utrecht University.  The results show that appreciation for VU Amsterdam’s Bachelor’s programmes is increasing.

The 2019 Keuzegids Bachelor is published by the Centre for Higher Education Information (C.H.O.I.). Results can be viewed at