Advisory report Van Rijn Committee puts future-proof higher education under pressure

At Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, we attach great importance to the societal impact of our education and research. Personal training and social involvement are central to our institute. VU Amsterdam is a broad university that attaches equal importance to all its disciplines and sees added value in an equal cooperation between those disciplines.

07/01/2019 | 9:49 AM

The advisory report of the Van Rijn Commission is a first step towards a better financing system. However, the integrated advice - as Van Rijn has emphasised to be adopted - puts pressure on the future sustainability of higher education. Broad universities will find themselves in an impossible balancing act - in which every choice leads to a systematic decline.

In a position paper that we sent to the educational spokesmen of the House of Representatives, and in an interview in FD (only in Dutch), we advocate the following points:

  • an interdisciplinary view of science, based on the independent interests of each discipline
  • not to further exacerbate the historical inequalities between universities
  • deferring impactful decisions until the proposed funding study is carried out