Dies Natalis: Democrazy?

Framing, fact-free politics, populism and science’s vital role in democracy at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam’s 139th anniversary. You are cordially invited to attend on 18 October!

09/09/2019 | 8:40 AM

The political debate is flourishing on social media. Activism is on the rise once again! But this comes at a price. Can science help restore some nuance to democracy? In her Dies Natalis lecture, Catherine de Vries, Professor of Political Behaviour in Europe at VU Amsterdam, will answer this question.

Fact-free politics will be a key theme at the round table discussion including researchers Sanne Kruikemeier and Antske Fokkens from the recently launched Amsterdam Young Academy. Boom Chicago will also be performing. It promises to be a very entertaining afternoon!

See www.vu.nl/dies for the full programme. The programme will be in English.