We recharge our batteries during the weekend

In consultation with the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer), the Minister of Education has indicated that universities may be able to make up any educational arrears they have accumulated as a result of the corona crisis during weekends. Let's be very brief about this: we are not going to schedule lectures and exams in weekends. Many students and employees of VU Amsterdam are often already busy with their studies or work during weekends. The remaining free time during weekends is important to be with family, friends, to play sports, to enjoy nature and to recharge our battery.

06/18/2020 | 4:00 PM

A lot is asked of us in these times. The corona pandemic forces us to change our ways of working and sometimes puts us in difficult positions. We try to involve you - our students and colleagues - as much as possible in our choices to arrive at workable situations. The planned public transport block times are causing a huge reduction in the capacity of our buildings, as a result of which fewer lectures can be given than we would like. We are currently consulting with the government and transport companies, because we think that an extension of these block times is very well possible, and students are also entitled to it. Until such an extension is in place, we will give priority to practical education, so that study arrears can be made up. However, more space is needed to make up the arrears.

The workload of students, researchers, lecturers and support staff is very high. Perhaps higher than before the crisis. We want to get out of this situation together in a good and healthy way. We do this by keeping to somewhat normal working hours. Extending the public transport block times would help tremendously with our efforts. 

Mirjam van Praag, President of the Executive Board
Marcel Nollen, member of the Executive Board
Vinod Subramaniam, rector magnificus, member of the Executive Board