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Last change on Tuesday 12 January: extension of the lockdown

01/12/2021 | 7:30 PM

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The flyers below give an overview of the rules that currently apply on campus for visitors, staff and students. Extensive protocols for teaching and research are published on VUnet.

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Working at VU Amsterdam
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Studying at VU Amsterdam


VU Amsterdam is monitoring the situation surrounding the coronavirus closely and will post updates here when they affect our education, research and business operations.



The government decided to extend the lockdown for higher education for at least until Tuesday 9 February. As a result, the measures which were already taken 16 December to restrict the spread of the coronavirus, will remain in effect.

The extension has not only an impact on our education and research, but also for us personally. It is obvious that the measures in general and the lockdown in particular, have an impact on the well-being of students and staff. Some of us have to combine study or work with the extra care for family members or the social isolation that we can unintentionally end up in. These are examples of situations where you can get stuck or perhaps need help. Then go to your manager or student counselor find more information on student wellbeing or working from home mentally healthy.

Below is a summary of the current measures.

For students:

  • Online education and exams will continue. Take a look at Canvas for more information on your study programme
  • Location-based education (a.o. practicals) for which there is no suitable online alternative continues
  • Students who have reserved a study place to take an exam can still make use of it
  • Study and examination places on campus are only available for students who do not have a decent study place at home
  • For internships, the rules that apply to the sector/industry in which the internship is done are leading. If these activities continue, the internship will also continue

For employees:

  • Work from home, unless this is really not possible
  • Location-based education (o.a. practicals) for which there is no suitable online alternative continues
  • Research will stay scaled down to the strictly necessary level
  • Studios for recording education remain available

For anyone visiting VU Amsterdam:

  • Stick to the campus rules for working and studying at VU Amsterdam
  • Bring your student or employee pass to enter our buildings

Studying and taking exams on campus
Our message remains the same for studying on campus: if you can study at home, then do so and don't come to VU Amsterdam. We assume that you make a careful assessment yourself and only use these places if there are insurmountable obstacles in your private environment. The study places are available for individual study. Studying in groups is possible via the various online possibilities.

All planned exams will continue. For students who really can't take an exam at home or in their own environment, VU Amsterdam offers a limited number of exam places. These places have to be reserved. We assume that you will make a careful assessment yourself and only use these places if there are insurmountable obstacles in your private environment. Students who have already booked a place, can use it.

Educational activities and internships
Remote education is the norm during lockdown. This applies to all education with the exception of location-based education (o.a. practicals) for which there is no suitable online alternative. Students who follow location-based education will be informed personally.

For internships, the rules that apply to the sector/industry in which the internship is done are leading. If these activities continue, the internship will also continue. VU Amsterdam does everything in its power to ensure that students are not delayed in their studies or are delayed as little as possible. That is why the research internships at our campus will continue. Students who are doing an internship at VU Amsterdam will be informed about this.

Working at campus
Working from home remains the norm. That is why we repeat our urgent appeal to all employees to work from home, unless there is really no other option. This call also applies to (study) associations and employee/student participationA number of study associations and FSRs have previously made agreements with the faculty about working on campus; they are asked - in light of the lockdown - to coordinate any necessary work on campus with the faculty. Check for tips on how to do this in a good and healthy way.

Recording and live streaming of education
Teachers who want to record their online lessons or stream them live can still reserve the teaching studios for this purpose. The initial teaching rooms with hybrid facilities will also remain available - if reserved - for streaming and recording teaching.

Research on campus
Research activities on campus can continue if they are strictly location based. Researchers will be informed about this by their faculty. Research stays scaled down to the minimum necessary level. Within this, the following prioritization applies on campus:

  • Interns, researchers and supervisors who are needed to make the internship safe
  • PhD students - priority within this group will be judged on the possibility of delay
  • Postdocs

Meetings and events
Only meetings related to location-based education (o.a. practicals) may take place. Activities of study associations, promotions, orations, graduation ceremonies and farewell speeches can be given online or they can be postponed. These measures will remain in effect for at least the duration of the current lockdown.

University Library
Books and publications remain available for teaching and research. Check the UB website for more information.

Please note! Students and employees of ACTA and VUmc follow the information they receive from their own faculties.



Contact and frequently asked questions
What are the consequences of the coronavirus for working and studying at VU Amsterdam? Read our frequently asked questions. The FAQ will be updated as soon as there is new information to share. If your question is not listed, employees and students of VU Amsterdam can contact their information points

Information about the new coronavirus
You can find the most up-to-date information about the new coronavirus on the website of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The RIVM is monitoring the situation in the Netherlands and has a questions & answers page available about the coronavirus. VU Amsterdam is following the advice of the RIVM closely, together with other Dutch universities.

The central government has introduced an app that warns you after you've been near someone with coronavirus: CoronaMelder.

Travelling abroad
Consult the FAQ page if you have a question about travelling abroad on behalf of VU Amsterdam. Everybody is advised to visit the websites of the central government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for general guidelines and travel advice before departing abroad.