Vinod Subramaniam will lead national advisory committee on diversity and inclusion

Minister Van Engelshoven of Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has appointed Rector Magnificus Vinod Subramaniam of VU Amsterdam as chairman of the national advisory committee on diversity and inclusion.

09/01/2020 | 10:29 AM

The advisory committee will advise the Minister to promote inclusiveness, diversity and a safer learning and working environment in research and academic education. The committee will also monitor the goals and targets described by the Minister in the 'National Action Plan for more diversity and inclusion in education and research' also presented today.

The action plan – in Dutch only - states that there will be new targets for the number of female professors at universities by 2025. The KNAW provides advice on the prevention of undesirable behavior and intimidation in education and research. And NWO will make €12.5 million available from 2021 for an impulse program aimed at Dutch researchers with a non-western background and refugees. 

The five ambitions for 2025 in the action plan are as follows:

- Better embed diversity and inclusion in existing instruments. For example, including diversity in the assessment of research proposals and accreditations.
- Better and broader monitoring of diversity in education and research, including social security and inclusion.
- Establish an award system to make policy and funding diverse and inclusive.
- Combine and support institutions' diversity plans to stimulate cooperation.
- Establish a national knowledge center for diversity and inclusion. This knowledge center will develop, bundle and share knowledge and expertise on the subjects.

With this action plan, the Minister wants the Dutch scientific education and research field to take the next step in the field of diversity and inclusion together with the government.