Her Majesty Queen Máxima holds Dies Natalis Lecture

The DIES lecture, to be held by Her Majesty Queen Máxima on Friday 6 November during the 140th Dies Natalis of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, will cover the theme of entrepreneurship, one of VU Amsterdam’s priorities.

10/06/2020 | 10:37 AM

Queen Máxima, who is also member of the Dutch Committee for Entrepreneurship, will talk about what is needed for the sustainable growth and development of small and medium-sized enterprises. She will emphasise the importance of stimulating investments for innovation, education and growth, as well as financing opportunities and coaching entrepreneurs. She will also discuss the need for training employees to ensure the continuity and growth of companies as well as better opportunities for advancement in the labour market.

The Dutch Committee for Entrepreneurship
The Dutch Committee for Entrepreneurship was established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy to stimulate sustainable growth of SMEs. In doing so, the Committee focuses on reinforcing growth potential. The Committee publishes 'The State of SMEs' annually.

Extra festive Dies Natalis
The extra festive celebration of the Dies Natalis (foundation day) is part of the Kuyper Year, in which VU Amsterdam celebrates its 140th anniversary with various activities and themes that characterise VU Amsterdam and Abraham Kuyper: democracy, diversity and social entrepreneurship.

In addition to the DIES Lecture by Queen Maxima, the President of the House of Representatives Khadija Arib, professor and behavioural economist Ernst Fehr and professor of international relations and political science Anne-Marie Slaughter will receive an honorary doctorate during the ceremony. This year's celebration has been moved to Friday 6 November to bring Kuyper's 100th anniversary of his death (on 8 November) closer to his inspiration in the now.

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