Looking for VUmble?

Oh no! Unfortunately (or fortunately) VUmble does not exist. But we are pleased you thought it did for a moment.

03/31/2021 | 3:44 PM

Instead of using our AI research for dating apps, VU Amsterdam is leading one of the largest AI research groups on the collaboration between computers and people, a.k.a. hybrid intelligence. Computers have different qualities than humans. They remember everything, are unaffected by bias and can recognise patterns in large amounts of data with ease. People, on the other hand, can relate to others and are also able to distinguish subtle context information. Human intelligence and artificial intelligence are therefore different, and you can't simply replace one with the other. But, they can work together in hybrid teams. 

VU scientists are also working on the development of conversations with robots in healthcare and education. 

In addition, VU Amsterdam is also participating in the AI Technology For People project. Together with the City of Amsterdam, the business community and research institutions, VU has joined forces for groundbreaking research and a societal approach to AI.

Finally, although a VU dating app does not exist, connecting our students is of course very important within the VU community - especially in times of corona. A place has been created at vu.nl/wellbeing for all possibilities to keep in touch with fellow students or to make new contacts.