VU introduces dating app for students based on AI technology

VU researchers have developed a dating app called “VUmble”. Using AI technology, this app creates the ideal match for students based on their field of study and their study results.

04/01/2021 | 9:00 AM

VUmble uses a special algorithm developed by our AI scientists, in collaboration with our sociology and communication scientists. The algorithm ensures that VU students are matched based on their fields of study, among other things. This increases the chance that students from different study backgrounds are matched together. VU Amsterdam considers this as a great step forward in promoting interdisciplinarity on, and off, (online) campus. VUmble’s algorithm looks beyond gender, ethnicity and background.

A spokesperson for VU Amsterdam states: "Especially in these times we find it important that students know how to find each other. By developing a social and interdisciplinary app in which we can link students together, we provide the meeting place that our campus normally has. That one nice student that you normally saw at Doppio or who always attends class in the room next to yours; now you might be able to find them through our new app.”

To unlock matches, students must have obtained sufficient study credits. VU Amsterdam hopes this will provide extra incentive for students to do well in their studies. Students with an average mark of 8 or higher automatically become Gold members, and get access to the so-called VIP part of the app. In this section you can unlock matches with honour students.

Communication Science student Manouk Storm was involved in the development of the app. She expects an increase in excellent students: "By rewarding students when they get a high grade, they will put even more effort into their assignments and exams. Personally, I’ll definitely do my best to only get 8-grades from now on."

 Click here to download VUmble.

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