Privacy statement prospective students

Who does this privacy statement refer to?
This statement is applicable to prospective students. We define prospective students as all those who apply for one of our recruitment products.

How do we handle personal information?
Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam respects the personal information of prospective students. Personal information is processed and secured with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This privacy statement will inform you on the use and processing of personal information collected by VU Amsterdam.

What personal information is processed by VU Amsterdam?
VU Amsterdam processes personal information in the meaning of article 1, sub a, GDPR. Personal information means all data which can inform about an identifiable, natural person. The following personal information is processed: name, gender, address, email, phone number, date of birth, country of previous education.

Who is responsible for processing data?
In the meaning of the GDPR, VU Amsterdam is responsible for all data processing. This means VU Amsterdam decides which personal information is processed, for what purpose and in what way. VU Amsterdam is responsible for the careful and proper processing of your personal information.

To what purpose processes VU Amsterdam the personal information?
Main purposes:
-    Cost efficient recruitment of students and creating insight in our recruitment.
-    Counsel realistically about our programmes.
-    Help orientate with programme selection.

Sub purposes:
-    Recognising prospective students and safeguarding internal data quality to that end. This to avoid double registration and resulting mistakes as much as possible.
-    Evaluation of recruitment activities.

What is the legal basis for the processing of personal information?
VU Amsterdam must justify the use of your personal information by being in accordance with a legal basis from article 6 of the GDPR. According to this article VU Amsterdam is allowed to process your personal information on the basis of consent (art. 6, part 1, sub a GDPR) or legitimate interest (art. 6, part 1, sub F GDPR).

How is the processing and storage of this data secured?
VU Amsterdam guarantees fitting technical and organisational measures in order to prevent the loss of personal information or unlawful processing. This means that (personal) information is encrypted during transfer and that the transfer of (personal) information occurs on a secure connection.

How long does VU Amsterdam save your personal information?
In accordance with the purposes (art 5, part 1, sub c GDPR) we save personal information of prospective students for a maximum period of 4 years unless prospective students apply to a VU Amsterdam programme. In that case the terms belonging to that agreement are in effect.

Do you keep track of the processing activities in a register?
As the responsible party, VU Amsterdam keeps a register of the processing activities which fall under the responsibility of VU Amsterdam (art 30 GDPR).

Your privacy rights
You have the right access your personal information and the right to request correction or removal of your personal information. You can request access in writing. VU Amsterdam processes your request within 8 weeks. You can send your written request to the CRM office of VU Amsterdam ([email protected]).

Contact information for more information and the data protection officer
For questions concerning the processing of your personal information you can contact the data protection officer ([email protected]).