Introduction activities

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is looking forward to welcoming all new international students in August 2017. During your first days at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the International Office will arrange various activities in order to help you become acquainted with the university campus, to get to know your fellow (international) students and of course to have fun.

Introduction Weeks August 2017

The Introduction Weeks will take place between Friday August 18th and Friday September 1st, 2017.

For those who wish to purchase their flight tickets, please take note of the following:

  • If you are planning to rent accommodation through Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, note that there are two days on which you can collect your room key. Early arrivals can pick up their room key on Friday August 18th. Key pick-up is also possible on Monday August 21st.
  • The Arrival Days will take place on Monday August 21st and Tuesday August 22nd. The Arrival Days are specifically designed in order for you to easily and swiftly arrange all practical matters related to your stay in Amsterdam.

The exact schedule of the Introduction Weeks is not yet available. This webpage will be updated as soon as we have finalized the schedule.


Directions from Schiphol Airport to Uilenstede

Directions to Uilenstede

Directions to DUWO office

Directions to VU campus from Uilenstede

Directions to Amstelhome Student Experience

Directions to De Boelelaan / Groningenstraat

Directions to Eerste Ringdijkstraat

Directions to Krelis Louwenstraat

Directions to Pierre Lallementstraat

Directions to Ravel (Antoni Vivaldistraat)

Directions to Spinozacampus (Dennenrodepad)

Directions to Student Hotel

Directions to Hotel Jansen

Directions to Carolina MacGillavrylaan (Science Park)