Support for faculties and programmes

Number of sessions: In consultation 
Duration: In consultation 
The ALP offers advice on setting up a successful training curriculum in language communication skills within a bachelor's or master's programme. The structure of the programme in question forms the starting point for integrating the language curriculum. 

Education for degree programmes
Number of sessions:In consultation 
Duration: In consultation
Teachers at the ALP also provide academic English and academic Dutch courses for bachelor's and master's programmes, in various formats, often embedded within the curriculum of the degree programme.

Introduction to Academisch English (practica)
Number of sessions: 3 x 1 hour
Duration: 3 - 5 weeks
A hands-on introduction to academic English, consisting of a short lecture and two practicals. Students work on the most important do’s and don’ts and identify their own personal points for improvement. The final assignment is formulated by the course developer in close consultation with the student’s programme.

Introduction to Academic Writing (internship programme) 
Number of sessions: 5 x 3 hours
Duration: 5 - 7 weeks
This course (worth 2 ECTS credits) is an integral part of the third-year Bachelor’s internship and focuses on the internship report as a way to apply the new knowledge acquired. The focus is on academic language and text and sentence structure.

NT2 courses for specific target groups
Number of sessions:In consultation 
Duration: In consultation
At the request of the individual faculties, NT2 instructors also develop and provide NT2 courses for specific target groups with specific goals: for example, ‘Discover (the) Dutch’ for the International Office, and ‘NT2 for imams’ for the FRT faculty. For information contact Ivet van der Eerden,

Number of sessions: 2 x 2 hours
Duration: 2 - 4 weeks
This workshop for Master’s students focuses on the linguistic aspects of giving a presentation in English, such as pronunciation, intonation, word choice and variety of language. Each student gets to work on their own presentation so that they can put the techniques they have learned directly into practice.

Scientific Writing in English (bachelorprogrammes)
Number of sessions: 8 x 3 hours
Duration: 8 - 10 weeks
Intensieve mastercursus (3 EC) waarbij elke student zelf het schrijfproces doorloopt. De onderdelen Introduction, Methods and Results, en Discussion worden van uitgebreide individuele feedback voorzien.

Scientific Writing in English 
Number of sessions: 5 x 3 hours
Duration: 5- 7 weeks
An active-learning course (worth 2 ECTS credits) that equips students to write their research report in English. The participants will write and receive extensive feedback on their work. 

Writing a Research Proposal 
Number of sessions: 6 x 2 hours
Duration: 6 - 8 weeks
A course within the Master’s programme (worth 3 ECTS credits) on which students learn to write a sound research proposal in English. They are encouraged to write very early on and receive extensive feedback on the sections Problem Definition, Relevance and Summary. 

Other curricular courses
Number of sessions: In consultation
Duration: In consultation
Taalcentrum-VU is happy to work closely with you to develop the ideal academic writing or presenting course as an integral part of your programme. Do you have a workshop in mind or a longer learning path? Is it intended for Bachelor’s or Master’s students? Is your focus on the humanities, business or hard science? Whatever your needs, feel free to get in touch.