PhD candidates and researchers

Basic Dutch on Campus  
Number of sessions: 5 hours a week    
Duration: 8 weeks 
Are you a VU student? Would you like to learn enough Dutch alongside your studies to help you feel more at home on campus? With 'Basic Dutch on Campus' you will learn e.g. to introduce yourself, do some shopping, order a meal and chat with local students and teachers. The VU offers international students two modules of this specific course at a greatly reduced rate (regular student price is €345). Finished the course? Then you receive a ‘Basic Dutch on Campus’ certificate. 

Dutch course for the NT2 State Exam II (Intensive) 
Number of sessions:  
Duration: 9 weeks 
On the daytime group course Dutch for the NT2 State Exam II, you will learn Dutch up to B2 level in one calendar year. This means you will be able to understand difficult texts, write your own texts on a variety of topics, speak Dutch fluently and correctly, express your opinion and participate in discussions. 

Dutch for work and study 
Number of sessions: 16 x 2,5 hours 
Duration: 8 weeks 
Would you like to learn Dutch at evening classes, with five to seven hours self-study per week? The evening course will take you to beginner’s level at the very least, but you will also have the option of continuing to a higher level, all the way up to C1. The modules of Dutch for work and study start four times a year and the classes are twice a week. After two course modules of eight weeks, you will have a good command of the basics. On completion of six modules, you will be able to understand difficult texts, speak Dutch fluently and correctly, express your opinion and participate in discussions.

Dutch for work and study sprint 
Number of sessions: 16 x 2,5 hours 
Duration: 8 weeks 
Is your first language German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or Afrikaans? You will be able to learn the basics of Dutch more quickly. This course is the fast track of 'Dutch for work and study'. Dutch for work and study SPRINT (one module) is identical to Dutch for work and study but the pace is twice as fast: Levels 1.1 and 1.2 in a single course period (September). 

Everyday Dutch Course on Saturday 
Number of sessions: 16 x 2,5 hours 
Duration: 8 weeks 
Would you like to learn Dutch to help you with your day-today activities? Why not join our Saturday course Everyday Dutch? Within four months, you will learn to understand and use the basics of the Dutch language (A2): all the handy words and turns of phrase you need to live your everyday life in the Netherlands.

Dealing with the Media (Dutch)  
Number of sessions: In consultation   
Duration: In consultation  
In Dealing with the Media, you will acquire the skills to deal with the press smartly. With this media training under your belt, your confidence will grow: alongside an extensive repertoire for delivering your message convincingly you will be well equipped to answer even the most searching questions. 

Presenting (Dutch)  
Number of sessions: In consultation   
Duration: In consultation   
On this course, you will learn how to convey your message in a relaxed, engaging and convincing manner. Discover how to handle tension and how to come across as confident and assured. You will acquire the skills that enable you to hold the attention of your audience and respond effectively to questions. At the end of the course, your audience will see a speaker with self-confidence, who delivers a clearly structured narrative.  

Professional Dutch 
Number of sessions: 16 x 2,5 hours 
Duration: 16 weeks, 1 class a week 
Professional Dutch is a semi-intensive course (16 weeks, one class a week) for people who already have a good command of the Dutch language (B2/B2+) and would like to improve their language skills for the purpose of career advancement or higher education. For example, you are expected to write formal letters, essays, theses, or to give a presentation.

Advanced academic writing for PhD researchers 
Number of sessions: 5 x 3 hours
Duration: 2 weeks
This course involves you working with your own texts. You receive extensive feedback on your academic writing in English and learn new ways of expressing complex ideas in well-structured English sentences. This allows you to write in a more varied way.

Concise formulation
Number of sessions: 3 x 3 hours
Duration: In consultation
This is an intensive academic English course for PhD students at an advanced stage of writing their dissertation. The small-group course focuses on how to express yourself concisely and effectively. This will make your academic texts more attractive to read, without compromising on precision.

Editing Services 
Number of sessions: In consultation
Duration: In consultation
The editing service is available for master's students and PhD candidates who want help to improve the English or Dutch in their thesis or dissertation. The editing service provides feedback on the accuracy, clarity, and style of your writing in English or Dutch.

English Pronunciation workshop (advanced) 
Number of sessions: 2 x 1 hour 
Duration: In consultation 
This module is intended for advanced learners who are already at C1 level in English but would like to improve their pronunciation still further. The module provides you with tailor-made assignments and exercises to help you raise your level to C2.

Introduction to Academic Writing in English
Number of sessions: 6 x 2 hours
Duration: 3 weeks
In this course you learn to write a well-structured and coherent academic text in English on the subject of your research, according to the stylistic conventions of your discipline. You will also gain insight into your own grammatical strengths and weaknesses, and learn ways to tackle your own stumbling blocks.

Presenting and Pitching your research 
Number of sessions: 5 x 2,5 hours 
Duration: 5 - 7 weeks 
If you are scheduled to speak at an international seminar, then you will need to use English at the very highest level. You can work on improving this skill in our multi-session workshop, Presenting and pitching your research in English. You’ll learn how to present information clearly and correctly while keeping the needs of your international audience in mind.

Pronunciation for PhD Researchers 
Number of sessions: 4 x 3 hours
Duration: 4 weeks
The online course 'English Pronunciation in a Global World' can be accessed via the online platform FutureLearn.

Tutorial PhD
Number of sessions: 3 hours a week
In consultation
This tutorial provides customised support for PhD candidates who are writing their dissertation in English. This support is specifically aimed at the quality of the candidate’s academic English and always occurs in consultation with the supervisor.

Writing a Scientific Article
Number of sessions: 8 x 3 hours
Duration: 8 - 10 weeks
The workshop offers you a step-by-step approach to improving your own article. You’ll first decide on the best structure for your article. Then you’ll work on your sections and paragraphs, and finally we’ll focus on fine-tuning your sentences and sentence structure. You’ll find scientific writing in English to be easier than ever thanks to our tried-and-true approach.

Writing a Research Proposal
Number of sessions: 6 x 2 hours
Duration: 6 - 8 weeks
On this course you will go through all the steps of writing a sound research proposal in English. You will receive comprehensive feedback on aspects such as problem definition and relevance.