Postgraduate programmes at SBE

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International Executive MBA in Finance and Control (IEMBAFC)
Executive MBA: Leading with Purpose

MBA in International Business


Accounting & ControlAccountancy 
Society and contractors demand an accountant's highest level of analysis, judgment, advice and control.  The accountancy postgraduate programme leads to the final term of the theoretical part of the programme, which you need to enter into the accountant registry.
BA Specialization: Human Resource ManagementCertified Management Accountant (CMA) 
This American-style programme for Certified Management Accountant is particularly intended for corporate economists and managers who aspire to a finance-economic position in an organization.
Stochastics Financial MathematicsController
The controller programme is the oldest in the Netherlands, and still leading in developments in the field. The programme educates talents for senior positions in finance and control.
BA Specialization: Strategy and OrganizationController public and non-profit sector
The Zijlstra Center is the continuation of the postgraduate programme for controllers in the public and non-profit sector. There are two variants: the vocational programme for Certified Public Controller (CPC) and the academic Master of Science in Accounting and Control (MSc).
BedrijfswetenschapCompliance & Integrity Management
At VU University Amsterdam, Compliance & Integrity Management is regarded as a young discipline that operates on the interface between corporate ethics and risk management.
 Executive CoachingExecutive Coaching
The postgraduate programme Executive Coaching is an international programme for executive coaches who want to develop in the whole breadth of the field. This programme is offered by the VU in cooperation with the Ashridge Business School in London. In this programme, you can also develop into an accredited coach and Master of Science (MSc).
Quantitative financeInvestment Management (formerly FBA)
The aim of the programme is to enable participants to elaborate their theoretical knowledge and to enlarge their practical skills. The programme consists of four clusters, each of which takes one semester. Key subjects: Market Structure, Investment Products and Supervision, Fundamental Analysis and Company Valuation, Portfolio Management and Risk Management. The programme assumes an academic level of thinking and demonstrable knowledge in the areas specified in the admission criteria for the programme.
FinanceChartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
Chartered Financial Analyst is an internationally recognized professional title for persons operating in the financial and investment sector.
Geographical Information ScienceSpatial Information Laboratory 
The Spatial Information laboratory SPINlab) offers part-time distance learning in Geografic Information Systems (GIS) for professionals. 
Management, Policy & EntrepreneurshipHealth Care Management
HCM targets academics in the health sector “care” and “cure”, who want to professioanlize in management issues, including change management. This unique programme pays much attention to the personal development route and takes one calendar year with adjoining examinations.
InformaticaemptyIT Audit
The aim of this programme is to educate students to carry out independent and impartial assessments of, or to advise on, operational systems and systems in development
IBAManagement Consultant 
The Management Consultant programma has been the source of inspiration for experienced organisation advisors, who want to expand their impact, since 1991. The 14-month programme consists of 11 interactive seminars; working on professional, individual prominence; and a study trip to the Academy of Management Conference.
Economie75.jpgTreasury Management
The post-graduate program Treasury Management provides participants with the knowledge and abilities necessary for the corporate treasurer of today, and enables him to operate in an ever changing business environment.  
Business AdministationChange Management
Many managers are resposnible for the guidance of large and complex change projects. During such projects, they are regularly confronted with diverse pitfalls and obstacles. Because of this, managers have a need for the most recent insights in the field of changing effectively and successfully.