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VU Amsterdam students find more information about registering for a secondary course or a minor on VUnet.

I am not a VU student

Make sure you have your registration for secondary subjects completed on time and preferably at least six weeks before the start of the period in which the subject is taught.
Please note that VU Amsterdam will not grant you permission to take courses that are available at your own Dutch institution or that do not fit in with your programme of study in terms of content and scope.
Below you will find the admission requirements and the registration procedure.

• Faculty of Science
• Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences
• Faculty of Humanities
• Faculty of Religion and Theology
• Faculty of Law
• Faculty of Social Sciences
• School of Business and Economics


1. You need permission from your own Dutch educational institute to take secondary subjects at VU Amsterdam as part of your study programme. Please request a letter of acceptance from your Examination Board.

2. Check the admission requirements as stated in the information for the secondary subject of your choice. Please also check out your faculty page (see above) to see if there are any additional steps you need to take before you can register for this secondary subject.

3. Go to and select registration for secondary subjects. Select the correct academic year.

4. Enter the requested personal data. You will then receive your login details for VUnet by e-mail.

5. Log in to VUnet and click on the app Complete application. Having trouble finding this topic? Then please try another browser: In this case, Internet Explorer often works better than Chrome. You can also use the direct link to VUnet Complete application.

6. Select the course(s) you want to follow. Upload a copy of your ID and permission from the Examination Board of your own educational institution and complete your application by filling in the entire application form in VUnet.

7. Your form will then be automatically forwarded to the faculty after completing your application. This faculty will give you permission to take the secondary subject if you meet the requirements. The status of your registration can be viewed in the status overview in VUnet Complete application.

8. Arrange a receipt for payment of tuition fees (BBC) for the Student Desk of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam digitally send by your Dutch university, including your VU Amsterdam student number. You can request an official receipt for payment of tuition fees from the student administration at your own Dutch university. Please do this as soon as you have paid your tuition fees to your university (payment authorization also counts as payment) and you have registered for this academic year.

9. Check to see if you have received confirmation of placement by email. There may be more interested parties than number of places available.

10. Once you have received approval for taking the course, this course is automatically listed in the registration module. You must register for it within the applicable registration period via Registration courses and exams in VUnet. For details see VUnet: Registration for educational activities and examinations. Please also refer to the registration terms. Information for when you are too late to sign up can be found on Registration after the deadline.

Please contact the Student Desk if you have any questions regarding registration for your secondary subject.

I am a student at the University of Amsterdam's faculty of science

Are you a student at the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Science and are you planning to take courses at VU Amsterdam’s Faculty of Science as part of one of the joint programmes? Once you have fully enrolled at the University of Amsterdam, you will automatically be enrolled at VU Amsterdam as a subsidiary subject student (provided registration is complete before 1 September! After 1 September you have to arrange this yourself).

For more information about registration and renewing registration for joint programmes, please go to the VU-UvA collaboration page.

VU-UvA Sciences collaboration
Registration procedure for subjects and examinations