We want Amsterdam to be your home away from home! We guarantee furnished accommodation to all Semester in Amsterdam students who apply on time. All accommodation is mixed gender and mixed nationality.

Our Campus Living Room

Our Domain is located on a completely centralised student campus. All rooms are fully furnished with a comfortable bed, wardrobe, desk, kitchen and a bathroom. Our Domain has many additional facilities such as: study and project rooms, a gym membership which comes with access to tennis, basketball, and soccer, a service desk, handyman, 24/7 security, social events and workshops, a lounge with TV’s and a game room, and a vegetable garden (all included in the rental price).  

Additionally, the campus has many more services and facilities nearby such as a supermarket, bike rental and repair shop, medical and dental services, bars and restaurants, a hair salon, dry cleaning, public transportation, and more!

Want More? Check out this video from one of our fabulous videographers, Camille!


Hotel Jansen is an all-inclusive short stay hotel for students in Amsterdam. The hotel is located in the city center, near museums, clubs, parks and much more! All rooms are fully furnished and uniquely designed with a comfortable bed, wardrobe, fridge, coffee machine, water cooker and an en suite bathroom. Hotel Jansen has many additional facilities including the use of the spacious and fully equipped Club Room, which functions as a living room and self-catering kitchen, and access to a cleaning service, a fully equipped laundry facility and the restaurant Mama's where they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

*Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the homestay programme will not be available for the Spring 2021 semester.  Please check back for an update about the Fall in April.

The Semester in Amsterdam Programme is now offering students the option to stay with a local host family for one semester!  

The Homestay Programme gives you the unique opportunity to not only experience Dutch culture from a first-hand perspective, but to become part of a family for a semester! It is also an excellent opportunity to learn Dutch! Through the Homestay Programme, we will carefully match you with a local family in Amsterdam. The homestay family promises to meet the following conditions:

  • The house is easily reachable from VU Amsterdam by bike or public transport
  • An independent bedroom with internet, a bed, wardrobe, and desk will be provided
  • You are invited (though not required) to eat dinner with the family once a week
  • You have free access to the kitchen for other meals

There are many benefits to staying with a host family: you have the opportunity to form close relationships with local people, you have the opportunity to live in a house close to campus and become part of a family, you get a big advantage in learning the Dutch language, and you’ll get to know Dutch culture from a first-hand, personal perspective!

The price of the Homestay Programme is approximately €3000 (this price is including meals shared with your family and other family outings). 


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have at [email protected].

*Please be aware that you must have been previously accepted as a Semester in Amsterdam student in order to participate in this program.

Hosting an international student

Are you an internationally-minded individual/family interested in hosting an international student for one semester? We would love to hear from you!