International Management

VU Amsterdam Summer School | Online Course

We live in an increasingly global and interconnected world. Over the past couple of decades, rapid technological advancement and disappearing trade barriers have completely transformed the business community. The world has gone digital and in order to be successful, companies have no choice but to go international. 

Session 15 July to 16 July 2021 (Online)
Course levelBeginner Bachelor, open to Master, PhD staff and professionals
Co-ordinating lecturers           
emptyDr. Oli Mihalache
Other lecturersTba
Forms of tuitionLectures, discussions, group work, videos
Forms of assessmentIndividual test and group project
Credits3 ECTS
Contact hours45 hours
Tuition fee€650-€950, depending on your situation. Read more about our fees.
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Bachelor’s students from all educational disciplines and all years of study and Master’s students who are interested in learning the fundamentals of international business are invited to join this course.

The new millennium has given rise to new challenges and exciting new opportunities. On the one hand, competition is fierce in the globalized market of the 21st century. On the other hand, access to new markets, expertise and cheap labour is giving companies an unprecedented edge. 

Getting to grips with the international context is essential to successfully navigate the global arena. Companies need a wider set of strategies in their arsenal, focused on finding business opportunities around the globe and staying ahead of the competition. This requires an in-depth understanding of foreign cultures, international communication and employee diversification. 

This interactive course teaches students the fundamentals of international business, through simulations, games, movies, in-class team assignments and fieldwork. The course will address the following topics: 
•  Why do companies engage in international business? 
•  What are the main benefits and challenges of doing business across borders? 
•  How does culture influence business? 
•  What is necessary for cross-cultural communication and negotiation? 
•  What are the differences between global and domestic competition? 
•  How do companies identify countries for foreign expansion? 
•  What do you need to enter a foreign market (on your own or with a partner)? 
•  What is important when leading or working in multicultura teams?

After completing the course, you will be able to: 
•  explain different theories of international business; 
•  solve practical international business problems (e.g. select a country for foreign expansion); 
•  work in multicultural teams; 
•  present solutions to practical problems verbally and in writing for various audiences. 

Various visits to companies based in Amsterdam and social events (e.g. barbeque in Amsterdam Forest)

Dr Oli Mihalache is an Associate Professor of International Business. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Finance from the University of Toronto (2006) and an MPhil and PhD in Strategic Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam (2009 and 2012). His research focuses on understanding how companies leverage the international context to improve their competitiveness. His work has been published in top academic journals including Decision Sciences, Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and Strategic Management Journal. Dr Mihalache is the coordinator of the International Management Master’s Programme and teaches graduate courses in International Management and the International Consulting Project. 

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