Economic Evaluation in Health Care

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Cost-effectiveness is becoming increasingly important in decision processes concerning the reimbursement of healthcare interventions. At the same time, this criterion also raises a lot of discussion, because many people feel uncomfortable when costs are considered in healthcare decision-making. The Health Technology Assessment at the department of Health Sciences has been involved in research and teaching on economic evaluations (i.e. studies in which cost-effectiveness is analysed) for over 10 years. We have established ourselves as a highly specialized group with advanced expertise in the methodology of economic evaluations. 

Course days11-15 January 2021 - registrations for this course are closed
Course levelMaster, PhD candidates and professionals from all disciplines 
Coordinating lecturerProf. Dr. J.E. Bosmans
Other lecturersDr. J.M. van Dongen, Dr. H.M. Brouliková
Forms of tuitionA combination of interactive lectures and computer-based exercises. 
Forms of assessment

Critical appraisal of a published cost-effectiveness study by filling out an existing checklist including a short motivation of the judgement for each item of the checklist (30%)

Short report including a description of the methods, results and conclusion of an economic evaluation (70%).

Credits3 ECTS
Contact hours30 hours
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Our target audience consists of MSc students and researchers who are (likely to be) involved in economic evaluations and want to learn more about the rationale for, and the design and analysis of economic evaluations. The methods that will be taught are advanced. Therefore, students should have a solid base in epidemiology and/or biostatistics. If you have doubts about your eligibility for the course, please contact us: [email protected]

The course “Economic Evaluation in Health Care” will start off with a discussion of the rationale for economic evaluations, including ethical aspects of using cost-effectiveness information in healthcare decision-making. This will be followed by a discussion of the main design features of economic evaluations which will cover topics such as the integration of economic evaluations in randomised controlled trials, and the measurement and valuation of clinical effects and costs. The remainder of the course will be dedicated to the statistical analysis of economic evaluations. All theoretical concepts covered in the course will be illustrated using practical applications.

At the end of the course, the studenet is able to:

  • describe the role of economic evaluations in healthcare decision making and to discuss ethical issues associated.
  • choose an appropriate design for the economic evaluation considering the decision problem at hand.
  • appropriately measure and value costs and effects within an economic evaluation.
  • critically appraise and systematically review published cost-effectiveness studies.
To be announced
To be determined, guest lecturers from Zorginstituut Nederland and the EuroQol group are planned.