European grants

The most important European grant programme is Horizon 2020. Because of its importance, a separate section of web pages have been devoted to it. On the pages below, you can find more information about a number of other European organizations and grant programmes.

ESF This umbrella organisation of national science foundations offers various grants aimed at European cooperation in the field of research.
COST European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) is one of the longest running European instruments for supporting cooperation between scientists and researchers from throughout Europe. COST does not reimburse the research itself, only travel and subsistence costs related to a coordination action under the COST scheme.
EU-DG's Horizon 2020 is the grant programme of the EU Directorate General (DG) for Research. Other DGs also have grant programmes with (limited) scope for research.
EU-structuurfondsenStructural funds are instruments aimed at improving prospects on the labour market (ESF), the economic development of European regions, (ERDF) or economic cooperation between different EU regions and countries (INTERREG).
EU-Tenders The same way in which grant programmes issue "open calls for proposals" by procurement, many study assignments are publicly awarded in tendering procedures