other national funds

Van Velzen Committee

In accordance with the ‘Decree on Subsidies for Investment in the Knowledge Infrastructure’ (BSIK), the government has invested almost two billion euros from the Fonds Economische Structuurversterking (economic structure fund, FES, financed by gas revenues) in four rounds in public-private knowledge projects.

These grant rounds are assessed by the Interdepartmental Committee for Strengthening Economic Structures / Knowledge InfraStructure (ICES/KIS), also known as the Committee of the Wise, but now referred to as the Van Velzen Committee.
The fourth Open FES round was held in the spring of 2009, in which consortia of public and private parties were able to submit proposals on eight themes:

• High Tech Systems
• Materials
• Food & Flowers
• Life Sciences & Health
• Water, Climate & Space
• ICT, Chemicals & Energy
• Creative Industry
• Education

Other possibilities

In addition to the organizations and schemes mentioned on the previous pages, there are many other schemes, programmes and organizations in the Netherlands that award grants. In some cases, finance or support is available for research, or for other activities of relevance to VU researchers. You can look for opportunities for securing grants via the grants guide.