About SenterNovem

SenterNovem is an agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which administers a large number of grant schemes and implements sustainability and innovation-based programmes on behalf of the government. Many of these instruments are primarily aimed at the business sector, but cooperation with knowledge institutes is possible or indeed required in many cases.

SenterNovem grants

The most important SenterNovem schemes are:

The R&D Promotion Act (WBSO)
The WBSO is a tax credit scheme designed to promote innovation in the business sector through a reimbursement of salary costs. University research on behalf of businesses (contract research) is also eligible for WBSO.

The grants desk handles WBSO applications for VU University Amsterdam. If you are conducting a technical R&D project on behalf of a business or businesses, you can contact the grants desk.

Energy Research Grant (EOS)
The Energy Research Grant (EOS) is intended to enhance knowledge of energy-efficiency and renewable energy in the Netherlands.

Energy Transition
Energy Transition is an innovation agenda aimed at the provision of renewable energy in the Netherlands in 2050.

Ministry of Economic Affairs nnovation-oriented grant instruments
Since 1 January 2009, the grant instruments of the Ministry of Economic Affairs have been classified into four umbrella grant schemes:

InnoverenInnovation vouchersInnovation Performance ContractsInnovation credits/ Eurostars
Sterktes in InnovatieStrengths in innovation International InnovationInnovation-oriented research programmesInnovation programmes
Sterktes in de RegioRegional strengths Peaks in the DeltaEuropean Regional Development Fund
Starten, Groeien en Overdragen v. OndernemingenStarting, growing and transferring businesses Technopartner SEED facilityDecree on guarantees for credits to SMEsGrowth facility