About STW

The Stichting Technische Wetenschappen (technology foundation, STW) finances application-based technological and scientific research. Research institutes may apply to the STW for financial support for projects or programmes, as well as for grants for individuals.

STW grants

The most important STW grant types are:

The Open Technology Programme
Research applications to the OTP should have a utilization prospect (that is, a chance that they will actually be used), and may be submitted throughout the year. Potential users of the research results should be closely involved with each project.

Since the start of 2009 it has been possible to request a position for a Casimir candidate at the same time as making an OTP application. This is an academically qualified employee of a Dutch company, or a company with a branch in the Netherlands, who is seconded to the university that is conducting the OPT project.

The Valorisation Grant
The aim of this programme is to promote the commercialization of knowledge and skills in research organizations. Valorisation Grants may be used for feasibility studies (phase 1, compulsory) and the actual valorization (phase 2).

Thematic Programmes
Some of these programmes are completely financed and carried out by STW, others are run in collaboration with other organizations. Every year, STW also offers an opportunity for submissions of proposals for new programmes (Perspective).

Through the Partnership scheme, Dutch companies may apply for a programme that is financed on a 50-50 basis by the company and STW. The latter then organizes a call for proposals for the programmes, to which university researchers may respond with a submission.