Research profile

The research of VU Amsterdam is subordinated in four profile themes

Research in the spotlight

From the smallest nanoscale building blocks to the universe and beyond, from cybercrimes to copyrights.

PhD programme

The Vrije Universiteit PhD programme caters to a curious, creative and critical global student body.

Grants & Funds

Academic research depends to an increasing degree on external financing. Various organizations and bodies subsidize or finance academic research.

Desmond Tutu Training Programme (DTTP)

VU Amsterdam has had links to South Africa for more than 125 years, and with the Desmond Tutu Training Programme we hope to further boost its academic relationship with the country.

Top researchers

Approximately 2000 academics are employed by VU Amsterdam. They range from young and talented PhD students, to outstanding professors.

Academic Integrity at Vrije Universiteit-VUmc

Academic integrity is high on the agendas of Dutch universities. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and VU Medical Center work hard to ensure that all their academic staff have a good knowledge of the national VSNU Code of Conduct and remain informed of the latest developments regarding academic integrity policy.

Vu Research Portal

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is about to launch its new research portal. This allows you to search, browse and find our researchers and to discover their research. User support is provided by the University Library (UL). Visit and discover the numerous features and possibilities of the portal!