VU Graduate Schools

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam provides complete English-taught research training programmes for outstanding students from all over the world. These programmes have been brought together in a number of Graduate Schools.

ABRI Graduate School of Business Research delivers PhD training in management, organization and business studies and offers a joint-degree Research Master “Business in Society”.
ACTA Graduate School of Dentistry delivers PhD training in both clinical and basic dental research, focussing on the two main research programs 'Oral Infecbtions and Inflammation' and 'Oral Regenerative Medicine'.
Graduate School of Humanities offers a large selection of excellent Master’s, Research Master’s and PhD programmes, which provides first class supervision and research training for humanities scholars at the highest academic level.
Graduate School of Law offers PhD candidates a framework for training, guidance and support. It also aims to achieve the research mission of the Faculty and to contribute to an interconnected research environment.
Graduate School of Social Sciences offers research opportunities and a PhD program in welfare, networks and communication, diversity, and governance. 
Graduate School of Theology, by far the largest of its sort in the Netherlands, provides first-class supervision for research-master and Ph.D. students in all areas of theology and religious studies.
Tinbergen Institute offers a research master program in economics, econometrics and finance, as well as PhD opportunities to an international community of excellent students.
Graduate School of Behavioral and Movement Sciences offers excellent training programmes for ambitious Ph.D. students who aspire to a scientific career in the broad field of psychology and movement sciencesoffers excellent training programmes for ambitious Ph.D. students who aspire an academic or clinical career in the broad field of psychology.