University Monitoring Committee

VU Amsterdam's Monitoring Committee consists of between eight and ten renowned researchers with a wealth of experience in external assessment networks. In their role as committee members, they do not represent their faculty and must be willing and able to look beyond the bounds of their own discipline.
The members are appointed for a period of six years, with half of the committee being replaced every three years. The College of Deans advises the Executive Board on the appointment of the members of the Monitoring Committee.

The Monitoring Committee advises the Executive Board on the following areas:

  • The results of interim evaluations by the research institutes themselves;
  • The composition of the external evaluation committee for the university’s own independent quality assessment or in cases where VU Amsterdam is the lead institution in an independent quality assessment carried out by several universities;
  • The findings of external independent quality assessments (only if requested by the Executive Board);
  • The development and implementation of performance indicators for academic research, encompassing both scientific quality and social relevance;
  • The research profile of VU Amsterdam: the positioning of interdisciplinary research institutes and exploring new areas for new and existing research institutes
  • The quality and potential of proposals in the field of research innovation;
  • Quality improvement and promotion of VU Amsterdam’s research.