University Monitoring Committee

VU Amsterdam's Monitoring Committee consists of between eight and ten renowned researchers with a wealth of experience in external assessment networks. In their role as committee members, they do not represent their faculty and must be willing and able to look beyond the bounds of their own discipline.

The current members of the University Monitoring Committee are:

Jos van OmmerenJos van Ommeren - Chairman 
School of Business and Economics
Martine Coene 2019
Martine Coene
Faculty of Humanities
Roberta Croce 2019Roberta Croce
Faculty of Science
GusztiEiben 2017Guszti Eiben
Faculty of Science
JacinthaEllers 2017Jacintha Ellers
Faculty of Science
MarcusHuibers 2017Marcus Huibers
Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences
DickVeltman 2017Dick Veltman
Wolfgang Wagner 2019Wolfgang Wagner
Faculty of Social Science
EgijaZaura 2017Egija Zaura
Faculty of Dentistry