University Monitoring Committee

VU University Amsterdam's Monitoring Committee consists of between eight and ten renowned researchers with a wealth of experience in external assessment networks. In their role as committee members, they do not represent their faculty and must be willing and able to look beyond the bounds of their own discipline.

The current members of the University Monitoring Committee are:

Jos van Ommeren - Chairman 
Faculty of Law
Paul Andriessen
Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences
Guszti Eiben
Guszti Eiben
Faculty of Sciences
Vincent Everts
Faculty of Dentistry, ACTA 
Koop Lammertsma 
Faculty of Sciences 
emptyJan Kleinnijenhuis 
Faculty of Social Sciences
Reinier Munk
Faculty of Philosophy
Annemieke van Straten 
Annemieke van Straten
Faculty of Psychology and Education
Dick VeltmanDick Veltman