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Applying for a grant: tips & tricks

The first thing to do when applying for a grant is to look for suitable options. It is also very important to consider carefully whether making an application to a particular organization is worthwhile. After all, it would be a waste of your time if there was only a slight chance of your application being accepted.

Next, a well-written application is essential. And even if your application is accepted, there is still some way to go: in many cases, the organization awarding the grant will ask for extra administrative information, or for modifications to be made to the content of the project or to the budget. The process of describing a grant project and of justifying the financial aspects also involves a great deal of work.

The PDF files below contain a number of tips & tricks for the different phases of applying for a grant.
 Tips for successfully applying for a grant.

Pdf logoTips for successfully applying for a grant

Pdf logoTips for a good CV for personal grants