Career prospects

As a PhD trajectory enters its final phase, the question of what to do next becomes more pressing. The Ph.D programmes at Vrije Universiteit are an excellent stepping stone for careers both inside and outside of the academic world. Doctoral candidates at Vrije Universiteit have the opportunity to discuss different career prospects through the duration of the PhD programme. We offer PhD students career orientation courses in the early stages of their trajectory, and encourage them to strategically work towards their professional goals over the course of their stay at the Vrije Universiteit.

All academic positions at Dutch universities are financed by external research funds. The ability to acquire research grants is crucial for a career in science. Our Grants Desk offers professional advice and dedicated support to all of our researchers in the acquisition of external funding. It also offers a special support programme for students seeking to apply for a Veni grant, the most commonly-awarded grant for carrying out independent research after completing a PhD. Many researchers also apply for the NWO Rubicon grant, which enables them to gain experience at leading research institutes abroad.

PhD students who aspire for a career in the academia are encouraged to approach the Grants Desk for personalized career advice starting from the early stages of their PhD trajectory at the Vrije Universiteit.

Whatever career path you choose after completing your doctorate at Vrije Universiteit, we offer all of our candidates a life-long relationship of mutual benefit by inviting them to join our Alumni network and to remain part of the VU community.