Doctoral dissertation submission and defense

For the final stages in your PhD trajectory consult the information in this section.

You can write your thesis in the form of a monograph or as a collection of articles with an introduction and conclusion that links the articles in a coherent whole.

Each faculty may decide on additional regulations regarding the thesis and this should be stipulated in the training and supervision plans.

When your final thesis has been approved by your supervisors it will go to the evaluation committee which is usually composed of 5 members. They will assess the quality of your dissertation based on a number of criteria and provide and answer in the form of Yes or No if the thesis is defendable.

As a part of your final evaluation, and besides the thesis, your training program will also be evaluated.

The public defense ceremony is limited in time. The PhD candidate has 10 minutes to present his PhD dissertation and one hour for defense. The whole procedure is highly ceremonial and special procedures apply. You will be duly informed about these procedures by the Pedel Office.