Intellectual property rights

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam regulations for intellectual property rights (IPR) apply to all registered PhD candidates. As a starting point, research results are vested in Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. All knowledge, procedures, protocols and results of research within a public research organization usually fall under this umbrella. Some of these can be formally protected through IPR, such as patents, copyright and/or database right.

The Regulations for Knowledge, Intellectual Property and Participation of VU offers an incentive to incorporate the exploitation of knowledge into everyone’s work. Clear arrangements are essential so that research and the valorization of knowledge can proceed in step and strengthen each other. Our Technology Transfer Office renamed IXA (Innovation Exchange Amsterdam) supports protecting knowledge, determining its value and commercializing it.

To find out more about specific regulations regarding intellectual property rights, regulations and agreements please consult the file. Please note that there might be special provisions and agreements regarding intellectual property rights depending on the VU participation in the research process. IXA is responsible for special provisions and agreements regarding intellectual property rights.

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