Honorary doctorates

The Reverend Martin Luther King, Prince Bernhard, the former Minister of Finance, Gerrit Zalm, writer Gerrit Krol, chemical assistant Gerrit de Vries and meteorologist Herman Bijvoet. However diverse this list of names may be, there is one thing they have in common: they have all made outstanding contributions in the field of science, politics or culture and have been awarded with honorary doctorates by VU Amsterdam between 1930 and the present day.

In 2007 the book 'Het is ons een eer en een genoegen' (dutch) of Wim Berkelaar was published. The book provides an overview of the honory doctorates awarded between 1930 and 2007 and an extensive background report.

Below is a list of all recipients of honorary doctorates to date: 

 Name Year Faculty
Samantha Cristoferetti
Samantha Cristoforetti
Eredoctor KarenArmstrong
Karen Armstrong
Eredoctor Goudsmit
Jaap Goudsmit
Eredoctor Herta Flor
Herta Flor
Eredoctor FOrie
Fons Orrie
Eredoctor van Rompuy
Herman van Rompuy
 Helen Longino2014FGW
Eredoctor Kathleen Thelen Kathleen Thelen2013FSS
Peter Kapitein Peter Kapitein 2012 VUmc
Rem KoolhaasRem Koolhaas 2012 FGW
Eredoctor NoakesTimothy Noakes2011 FGB
D. SelkoeDennis J. Selkoe2010VUmcempty
Eredoctor TonryMichael Tonry2010LAWempty
Eredoctor Berners LeeTimothy Berners Lee 2009SCIENCE
Eredoctor ZalmGerrit Zalm2008SBE
Eredoctor WolterstorffN.P. Wolterstorff2007FGW
Geen foto beschikbaarD.B. Shanley2006ACTA
Leeg portret
I.G. Chalmers2006VUmcempty
Geen foto beschikbaarJ. Martin2005FSS
Eredoctor KrolG. Krol2005FGW
Eredoctor HullJ.M. Hull2005FGB
Geen foto beschikbaarA. Bos2005LAWempty
Geen foto beschikbaarJ.H. Waller-Hunter2005SCIENCE
Eredoctor OosterhuisH. Oosterhuis2002FRT
Geen foto beschikbaarK. Knip2002SCIENCE
Eredoctor EavesL.J. Eaves2000FGB
Eredoctor FoiasC. Foias2000SCIENCE
Eredoctor FernandezI. Fernandez2000VUmcempty
Eredoctor WardK. Ward2000FRT
Eredoctor TurveyM.T. Turvey1995FGB
Eredoctor PlantingaA. Plantinga1995FGW
Eredoctor VriesG. de Vries1995SCIENCE
Eredoctor NdebeleN.S. Ndebele1995LAW
Eredoctor CardenalE. Cardenal1990FGW
Geen foto beschikbaarC. Sprey1990SCIENCE
Geen foto beschikbaarL. Wilardjo1990 SCIENCE
Geen foto beschikbaarD. Hoogendoorn1990VUmcempty
Eredoctor KoryaginA.I. Koryagin1988LAWempty
Geen foto beschikbaarOe. H. Kapita1985FRT
Eredoctor GirardR. Girard1985FGW
Geen foto beschikbaarJ.P. Horder1985VUmcempty
Eredoctor KruytS. Kruyt1980VUmcempty
Eredoctor MaarF.E.R. de Maar1980VUmcempty
Geen foto beschikbaarY.T. Hien1980LAWempty
Eredoctor Miguez Bonino JoseJ. Miguez Bonino1980FRT
Eredoctor AlgraH. Algra1980FSS
Eredoctor FrielinkA.B. Frielink1980SBE
Eredoctor DubyG. Duby1980FGW
Eredoctor BarnabyC.F. Barnaby1980SCIENCE
Eredoctor Melsen vanA.G.M. van Melsen1980SCIENCE
Eredoctor Helder Camera DomDom Helder Pessoa Camara1975FSS
Eredoctor BijvoetH.C. Bijvoet1975SCIENCE
Eredoctor WeizsackerC.F. von Weiszäcker1975LAWempty
Eredoctor Beyers NaudeC.F. Beyers Naudé1972FRT
Eredoctor NotohamidjojoO. Notohamidjojo1972LAWempty
Eredoctor RuppertM. Ruppert1970LAWempty
Eredoctor MuliaT.S.G. Mulia1966FRT
Eredoctor kingM. Luther King jr. 1965FSSempty
Eredoctor HoffmannP. Hoffmann1965SBE
Eredoctor Prins BernardZ.K.H. Bernhard Prins der Nederlanden Prins van Lippe Biesterveld1965SBE
Eredoctor RijnsdorpC. Rijnsdorp1965LAWempty
Eredoctor JonckheerE. Jonckheer1965LAWempty
Eredoctor EllulJ. Ellul1965LAWempty
Eredoctor Rutgers AALA.A.L. Rutgers1959LAWempty
Eredoctor TilanusH.W. Tilanus1958LAW
Eredoctor Leonard EmileE.G. Léonard1955FRT
Eredoctor RooyJoh. C. van Rooy1952FGW
Geen foto beschikbaarA.J. van der Merwe1952FGW
Eredoctor SchoutenJ. Schouten1950LAWempty
Eredoctor BohatecJ. Bohatec1950LAWempty
Eredoctor HuberMax H. Huber1950LAWempty
Eredoctor DijkJ.J.C. van Dijk1938LAWempty
Eredoctor RullmannJ.C. Rullmann1930FRT
Eredoctor Bakker DD. Bakker1930FRT
Geen foto beschikbaarJ. Sebestijen1930LAWempty
Eredoctor ColijnHendrikus Colijn1930LAW