KNAW Academy Members

Members of the KNAW are chosen on the basis of their academic achievements. They are appointed for life. Every year, the KNAW selects new members who have been nominated by people from outside the Academy. Below is a list of all KNAW members from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam:

NameChief functionFaculty
Evert Jan BaerendsProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Science
Bram van de BeekProfessor Emeritus
Faculty of Religion and Theology
Catrien BijleveldProfessorFaculty of Law
Carel BlotkampProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Humanities
Hans BoersmaProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Humanities
Dorret BoomsmaProfessorFaculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences
Karel DavidsProfessorFaculty of Humanities
Pieter DrenthProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences
Wim van EsProfessor Emeritus Faculty of Humanities
Willem FrijhoffProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Humanities
Halleh Ghorashi
ProfessorFaculty of Social Sciences
Jenny GierveldProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Social Sciences
Rienk van GrondelleProfessorFaculty of Science
Jan Willem GunningProfessor School of Business and Economics
Dick van HalsemaProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Humanities
Frank van Harmelen    
Faculty of Science
Martin van Hees      ProfessorFaculty of Humanities
Jan van HinteProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Science
Ferdinand van IngenProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Humanities
Martijn KatanProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Science
Jan Willem KlopProfessor Emeritus
Faculty of Science
Marjo van der KnaapProfessor VUmc School of Medical Sciences
Bas KooijmanProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Science
Aart LiefbroerProfessorFaculty of Social Sciences
Jan LucassenProfessor Emeritus
Faculty of Humanities
Peter NijkampProfessor Emeritus
School of Business and Economics
Hans OpschoorProfessorFaculty of Science
Daniëlle Posthuma
Faculty of Science
Mirjam van Praag
ProfessorCopenhagen Business School
Joost RuitenbergProfessor Emeritus
Faculty of Science 
Andries SandersProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences
Philip ScheltensProfessorVUmc School of Medical Sciences
Jaap SeidellProfessorFaculty of Science
Jan SmitProfessor Emeritus
Faculty of Science  
Gordon SnowProfessor EmeritusVUmc School of Medical Sciences
Arend SoetemanProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Law
Thomas Spijkerboer
Faculty of Law
Marten StolProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Humanities
Ad StouthamerProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Science  
Andy TanenbaumProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Science
Jan TheeuwesProfessorFaculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences
Jacques TouretProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Science
Ilja VeldmanProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Humanities
Ben Vermeulen Professor Faculty of Law
Piek Vossen
Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences
Douwe YntemaProfessor EmeritusFaculty of Humanities