NWO Mosaic Laureates

The VU University Amsterdam student population is very diverse in terms of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. The intake of students from minority groups is on the increase, while the numbers moving on to academic careers remain limited. Mosaic was an NWO grant programme aimed at encouraging more graduates from ethnic monitories to enter the academic profession.

 Mandy Tjew A Sin investigates how and why affirming feelings of belonging may improve academic achievement among ethnic minority students. The resulting insights will be used to design powerful new belongingness interventions.FGB2012
 Amrita Das is researching an ancient evolving poetic form of Arabic-origin, called the ghazal, with focus on the social, cultural and political ramifications as it enters the cultural fabric of America. She works on a new model to study poetry that travels.FGW2012
 Janko Cizel studies the impact of fluctuations in the value of financial collateral on the behavior of the secured inter-bank lending markets.SBE
 Nahom Tsehaye Tesfay's research focusses on the interplay between innovation and competition between firms. He studies the impact of firm innovations on the intensity of competition between firms.SBE
 Emil Mihaylov’s research focuses on the organization of production in a globalizing world that can be characterized by increased fragmentation of production and outsourcing of tasks. SBE
 Katherina Alvarez Durnov uses social psychological framework of intergroup helping to study the consequences of receiving help in order to identify factors that reduce stress and promote independence and empowerment among aid recipients.   FGB2011 
 Simran Grewal investigates the underlying mechanisms by which colorectal cancer surgery augments liver metastases outgrowth and will use these insights to develop new peri-operative therapeutic strategies for the prevention of tumor recurrence. VUmc 2011 
 Bonam is researching the size and determinants of fiscal policy multipliers within the European Monetary Union.SBE
 Joana Ozorio de Almeida Meroz is researching the history of the construction of the idea of 'Dutch Design', 1945-2010.FGW2011 
 Maja Lovrenovic examines how people in central Bosnia-Herzegovina talk about, reflect on, commemorate and try to make sense of the war-ridden past.FSS 2011 
Moran Cohn investigates the mechanisms explaining why some children show persistent antisocial behavior, while others desist. He uses MRI to study dysfunctions in fear and reward-related brain areas.VUmc2010
Yuval Engel is researching how firm founders utilize their career capital to enhance both venture performance and individual career success.SBE
Seval Gündemir researches the minority glass ceiling hypothesis: how ethnic minorities are underrepresented in leadership positions and how the minority glass ceiling can be shattered.FGB2010
Babak Mahdavian Delavary is researching macrophages, which play an important role in the healing of wounds and in the occurrence of excessive scars after burn injuries to the skin.VUmc2009 
Raphie Hayat is researching various dimensions of Islamic investment, such as differences in risk, return and related indirect transaction costs. SBE
Chen Fleisher is researching how and in what circumstances employees can contribute to the organizations for which they work by investing in their own career development.SBE
emptyKatja Iachina is researching plants to see how and on what scale non-coding RNA products that originate from parasitic DNA disrupt the normal functioning of genes.SCIENCE
Monique Corbin is researching how cells can limit the damage that has been caused through oxygen, in order to gain clarity into which genes are involved in causing such damage.VUmc2008
Azadeh Achbari is conducting research, from a Dutch perspective, into the crucial factors that lead to the formation of successful international networks in the field of knowledge formation and knowledge transfer.SCIENCE
Lerby Ergun is studying the difference in behaviour of risk factors during economic recessions and expansion in the financial markets.SBE
Bahija Aarrass is researching the influences of human rights on the law relating to aliens. This is because universal human rights also include provisions relating to the just treatment of refugees.LAW2007
Donya Alinejad is researching the changes that traditional Iranian migrant communities undergo when they become active users of the internet. The influence on everyday life is the focus of the research.FSS2007
emptySongül Mutluer is researching the possibilities for increasing return in cases of government tendering.  LAW2007
 Mediha Sahin is researching factors that form the basis for success of entrepreneurs in the Netherlands from ethnic minorities.SBE
Zora Soprova is researching the ‘autotransport’ of toxic proteins. These proteins, which are made by pathogens, escape from the bacterium.SCIENCE
emptyAnass Znabet is concentrating on developing sustainable and efficient methods for producing compounds that could be of use to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.SCIENCE
emptyLinh Lan Phans is researching the motivational functions of emotions in a group that works towards reducing social discrimination.FGB2006
Hyunghae Byun is observing the influence of changes in Japanese HRM on the work ethic of Japanese employees and their identification with the companies for which they work.FSS2006
emptyDelene Engelbrecht is using the philosophical concepts of ‘discovery’, ‘natural’ and ‘function’ in order to describe how the phenomenon of the patent functions in the life sciences.FGW
Nabil Saouti is researching the redistribution of blood in the lungs as a cause of high blood pressure in the lungs after chronic thromboembolism.VUmc2006
Ibrahim Barrie’s project focuses on the history of the formation of the Freetown Complex in Sierra Leone. This is a ‘layered magmatic body’ that forms the West African continental edge in Sierra Leone.SCIENCE
Atilla Akdemir is seeking to gain insights into the functioning of nicotine receptors through the use of computer simulations and biochemical techniques. These receptors play a role in neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.SCIENCE
Najim Ameziane is researching the origins of breast cancer. He is attempting to design a modified treatment method that offers a certain group of patients a significantly greater chance of being cured.VUmc2004
Tji Joong Gan has conducted research, by means of MRI, into the link between high blood pressure in the lungs and heart failure.VUmc2004
Besma M'Charek is studying the minimal difference in the strengths between particles of matter and anti-matter. This is being researched with the help of rare events in the particle accelerator in Geneva.SCIENCE
Satwinder Singh is researching sugars that suppress the immune system. This immunity is influenced by certain cells that form the ‘sentries’ of the immune system.  VUmc2004
Leroy Soesman is researching the underlying processes, such as consciousness, that play a role in human observation.FGB2004