University Research Fellow

University Research Fellows 2020-2021

Our University Research Fellowship is a programme developed for a select number of internationally renowned scientists at VU Amsterdam. It is a token of appreciation and a public tribute to the university’s most excellent scientists for their extraordinary research performances. These scientists will be entitled to reward the best student of their choice (nationally or internationally) with a University Research Fellow which will carry their own name. The Fellow will work together with the scientist for a maximum of 12 months on research or in their educational activities. The Fellowship starts in September 2020.

In 2020-2021 academic year the following Fellows have been selected to work together with VU scientist in the University Research Fellow programme:

Prof. Eus van Someren & Joyce Reesen
Prof. Maurice Crul & Mirte van den Hee & Geertje Hulzebos
Prof. Jolanda van der Velden & Sofija Vučković
Prof. Albert Menkveld & Elmar Nijkamp
Prof. Paola Gori-Giorgi & Arthur Grooteman
Prof. Serge Dumoulin & Leonie Warlo
Prof. Coen Ottenheijm & Ralph Wientjes
Prof. Jan Theeuwes & Ana Vilotijević
Prof. Daniëlle Posthuma & Nathaniel Bell
Prof. Halleh Ghorashi & Sam Grondelle
Prof. Sergey Nejentsev & Elham Mirfazeli
Prof. Jeroen Aerts & Sem Duijndam
Prof. Yvette van Kooyk & Brigitte-Carole Keumatio Doungtsop