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Would you like to become a fellow in our university research fellow programme?

Are you a talented and ambitious student in your undergraduate or graduate programme? And have you demonstrated exceptional academic excellence during your study so far? If so, then the University Research Fellow (URF) programme is looking for you. Take the opportunity to become awarded as VU Fellow by a leading scientist in your field of study.

Our University Research Fellowship is a programme developed for a select number of internationally renowned scientists at VU Amsterdam. It is a token of appreciation and a public tribute to the university’s most excellent scientists for their extraordinary research performances. These scientists will be entitled to reward the best student of their choice (nationally or internationally) with a University Research Fellow which will carry their own name. The Fellow will work together with the scientist for a maximum of 12 months on research or in their educational activities. The Fellowship starts in September 2018.

The following laureates are invited to select a Fellow in the URF programme

Yvette van Kooyk 2018
Yvette van Kooyk
VU medical Center - Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology
Jolanda van der Velden 2018
Jolanda van der Velden
VU Medical Center - Physiology
Dorret Boomsma 2018
Dorret Boomsma
Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences - Biological Psychology
Serge Dumoulin 2018
Serge Dumoulin
Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences - Cognitive Psychology
foto: Marcel Bakker
Eus van Someren
Faculty of Science - Integrative Neurophysiology
Kjeld Eikema 2018
Kjeld Eikema
Faculty of Science - Ultrafast Laser Physics and Precision Metrology
Paola Gori Giorgi 2018
Paola Gori-Giorgi
Faculty of Science - Theoretical Chemistry
Wim Ubachs 2018
Wim Ubachs
Faculty of Science - Atomic, Molecular and Laser Physics
Erwin Peterman 2018
Erwin Peterman
Faculty of Science - Physics of Living Systems - Molecular Biophysics
foto: Reinier Gerritsen
Maurice Crul
Faculty of Social Sciences - Sociology - Identities, Diversity and Inclusion
Bert Klandermans 2018
Bert Klandermans
Faculty of Social Sciences - Sociology - Social Change and Conflict
Halleh Gorashi 2018
Halleh Ghorashi
Faculty of Social Sciences - Sociology - Identities, Diversity and Inclusion
Application for a VU -Ghorashi- Fellowship 2018-2019 is already closed!
Piek Vossen 2018
Piek Vossen
Faculty of Humanities - Computational Lexicology
Bert Menkveld 2018
Albert Menkveld
School of Business and Economics - Finance

Abovementioned scientist are recognized by their peers for their extraordinary contributions to their disciplines through the receipt of the following grants:

•    NWO Spinozapremie
•    ERC Advanced Grant
•    NWO VICI Grant


You can apply for this fellowship if you study at the VU University or another Dutch university, but also if you are registered at another university in or outside the EU. Below you will find the necessary documents.
You can mail your application to the URF team via

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