Herbert Bos

A Body Armor for software


Herbert Bos is a scientist on a mission. A mission to thwart cybercriminals. He has taken a new approach to enhancing software security, something that is sorely needed. “The number of incidents will only increase in the next five years.”

“I was walking from the railway station to the VU campus, deep in thought about a problem a colleague was having. Then it struck me: I needed to view the problem from a totally different angle.” A new method for securing computer programs against cybercrime was born, to help prevent attacks such as the recent hacks on KPN, LinkedIn, banks and governments.”
Herbert Bos, Professor of Systems and Network Security, is developing systems to protect software against cyberthieves and other criminals. People are finally starting to appreciate the urgency of the situation. “In the past, when I tried to discuss network security with politicians and policy makers they would get irritated. “Just another meddlesome busybody,” you could hear them thinking. They’re still irritated, but now it’s because things aren’t moving fast enough for them.”

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