Course selection
VU University Amsterdam offers many English-taught courses in a variety of subjects, ranging from arts & culture and social sciences, neurosciences and computer science, to economics and business administration.

In the online study guide below, you can click through to the course offerings of the different faculties. Note that most Bachelor’s courses and all of the Master’s courses have entry requirements, which means that you must have a relevant academic background in order to qualify to take these courses.

A regular workload for one semester is 30 ECTS credits. Most courses are 6 ECTS credits. Exchange students must follow courses for at least 18 ECTS credits per semester at the Faculty for which they are nominated according to the exchange agreement. Exchange students can take a maximum of 12 ECTS credits per semester at other faculties.

Please note that even though you might get approval for your course choices, schedules can overlap. In case of a schedule clash between your courses, you will have to select another course instead.

Our minors are cohesive packages of undergraduate courses that have a duration of one semester. Most minors are open to students from other disciplines, and enable students to broaden the scope of their educational programme to fit with their interests.

Some minors are interdisciplinary and open to all students. Some others require a specific background and can therefore only be found under the Faculty to which they belong in the study guide. The minors are full-time programmes and cannot be combined with additional courses.

One of the big advantages of following a minor is that you will not have to check the timetable to see if the courses clash, because the courses in a minor will never overlap in the timetable.

The academic calendar
At VU University, the academic year is divided into 2 semesters. These semesters, in turn, are divided into 6 periods.

Academic calendar in detail

Students will receive a course registration form mid-July for the Fall semester and mid-December for the Spring semester. You can register for courses by returning the completed form by e-mail to You can change your courses once by e-mail to the same address before the end of the first week of the semester, after that first week your course choice is definite

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