Chemistry MSc

This programme is offered jointly with the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA).

During the Master's in Chemistry, students can specialize themselves by doing a Major in one of the following disciplines:

  • Analytical Sciences
  • Molecular Sciences
  • Science for Energy and Sustainability
  • Atomic Scale Modelling of Physical, Chemical and Biomoleculair Systems (AtoSiM)
  • Science, Business and Innovation

The Master's programme of Chemistry offers three different variants for graduation:

  • Research variant (O - variant)
  • Society-oriented variant (M - variant)
  • Communication-education variant (C / E - variant)

The global composition of each variant is indicated below:

Compulsory courses (Major)24-42*181818
Research project (Major)42363636
Literature study and colloquium12666
Ethics and Portfolio academic skills6---
M, C or E programme-606060
Optional programme, e.g.
- deficiency courses
- research project extension
- scholarship (company, abroad)
- advanced courses
Total cp120120120120

Ad *) Depends on the specialization : Molecular Simulation & Photonics requires 30-42 EC compulsory courses with 18-30 EC optional programme, other specializations require 24 EC compulsory courses with 36 EC optional programme.

Students should arrange the composition of their Master's programme in consult with the Master's coordinator. The exam committee formally has to approve the composition and extent of the Master's programme.

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